Antibacterial Training Towel - White

$28 USD


Highly absorbent training towel with a specialized antibacterial treatment for anti-odor properties. Embroidered “Relentless Pursuit” logo aligns when the towel is hanging from any of our shorts or joggers with a shirt loop. All-around ribbing prevents fraying over time.

Dimensions: 27” x 11”


  • 50% Nylon / 50% Polyester
  • ViralOff® Antibacterial Treatment
  • Embroidered logo
  • All-around ribbing prevents fraying


ViralOff® is a treatment for textiles that reduces viruses by over 99% over two hours and is completely safe against the skin. ViralOff®-treated fabrics show a 99% reduction of viruses through interaction with key proteins. The active ingredient in ViralOff® is a biocide made of a reaction mass of titanium oxide and silver chloride.

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