Fast shipping on great products

Not a thing to complain about or criticize. I will certainly be a repeat customer. I was very pleased with the quality of my purchases, I love the high end materials that are used and think ASRV prices are fair for the unique product you’re getting. Well worth every penny, I’ll be back!

Aaron L
January 4, 2024

Premium Quality Activewear

Over the past year I have purchased numerous clothing items from ASRV. Every single item is premium quality and I have never been disappointed. My only small complaint is that there are no better shipping alternatives when you purchase the products. The price point is understandable for the quality but the shipping cost will sometimes make me hesitant to go through with the purchase.

Steven M
January 1, 2024

Top notch workout gear and casual…

I recently discovered ASRV and now feel I’ve been missing out! Fabrics and quality are impressive and function as expected. I mainly use for my jiu jitsu, boxing, and weight training.

Customer service has also been excellent. I highly recommend!

December 23, 2023

I’m an ASRV fanatic

The company is doing everything very well to keep me engaged with its products, branding and values. The high-quality and exclusivity of its products is worth the overall experience. Reading the Mindset Training issues every now and then keeps my resolve steady and focus forward as to why I’m doing the needful in taking healthy risks to nurture my body and mind. Keep at it and scale the model. Word of advice: Try not to engage fitness influencers at all.

Phil H
October 30, 2023

Quality product

ASRV products are the best fitting gym clothes I’ve came across. I don’t write reviews because I find them annoying but I had to write one for ASRV. I only give it a 4 star because I know I’d go broke if I keep buying their stuff. You do get what you pay for and I am cheap so I only purchase sale items. That’s just how I am with everything and every brand. Pricing is fair to me for the quality but it is expensive.

December 14, 2023

Great Products and Customer Service!

This is an edited review. Long story short, there was a mishap with the shipping carrier to Hawaii. The customer service at ASRV reassured me about my order and generously took care of my concerns. The customer service was awesome. I will continue to support the brand. The clothing, customer service, and the brand as a whole are amazing.

January 6, 2024

Quality over quantity

ASRV makes high quality sportswear that last for a years. I have shorts from when they first started that I’ve used when training in the gym, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and various other sports and they are still in great condition. It’s hard find a clothing line that makes high quality clothes but ASRV is the only brand I buy from when it comes to workout attire.

Anthony Perkins
December 20, 2023

Besides the obviously amazing products

Besides the obviously amazing products, the app and shipping is very fast and convenient despite my location in Southeast Asia. I've made quite a few orders since I became a customer, and have never had an issue.

December 27, 2023

Excellent quality

I’m pleased with both the pants I’ve received from you guys over there at ASRV, i’ve been ecstatic with the product since it came in. The customer service has helped a lot along the way as well making sure I was satisfied with the service. Much love from Toronto.

Allister A
December 21, 2023

ASRV makes the highest quality

ASRV makes the highest quality, best looking and performing athletic clothing in the world. Nike is WalMart tier by comparison.

Ryan Scott
December 31, 2023

Top quality with every single item

I have been shopping at ASRV for many years now and even the items I first bought from them 3 plus years ago look like the first time I opened my package.

Jon T
December 27, 2023


Your product very comfortable, and also very appealing, have had lots of compliments. Just need need more product with XXL on the shirts please

David Rivera
December 25, 2023

Amazing customer service …

Customer service has always been exceptional. Everyone at ASRV really goes above and beyond, the quality of the clothes is top notch as well. Thank you again for a wonderful experience as always. You have a customer for life!

Abner Gomez
December 25, 2023

Better than lulu, same price

Better looking and more functional than lululemon, same price. Only thing I would Prefer if I could be picky is a faster turnaround for returns. Still waiting on a credit after a week or them receiving. Just have to wait that much longer before buying more gear! 🙌🏻

April 17, 2023