0899. 2-in-1 Packable Run Vest - Black

$148 USD

Fully packable run vest that seamlessly converts to a crossbody bag. The vest includes a highly breathable mesh body fabric to keep you dry during intense activity. Carry all of your fuel with two water bottle slots and two external gel pockets. Create a precise fit with adjustable waist and chest straps to minimize bounce. Store your shirt or jacket on the outside of the pack with two magnetic buckles. Pack the whole vest into the crossbody and still have access to an external zip pocket for additional storage. High-vis reflective details throughout.

    Designed For
    RUN | Specialized gear for high-intensity running and training.


    2-in-1 Packable Design

    Breathable Mesh Body

    No-Bounce Storage

    Technical Highlights


    Designed for Running

    Engineered specifically for running and high-intensity activities, offering moisture control, breathability, and movement.

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