0797. Tech Essential™ Relaxed Tee - Black/White "OTWR"

$78 USD
  • 0797. Tech Essential™ Relaxed Tee  -  Black/Black "OTWR"
  • 0797. Tech Essential™ Relaxed Tee  -  Black/White "OTWR"
  • 0797. Tech Essential™ Relaxed Tee  -  Space Grey/White "OTWR"
  • 0797. Tech Essential™ Relaxed Tee  -  Stone/Black "OTWR"
  • 0797. Tech Essential™ Relaxed Tee  -  Stone/White "OTWR"


True freedom is not merely the ability to do as one pleases; it’s about acting in accordance with one’s deepest values and principles, even when doing so would pose challenges and risks. This process involves recognizing that many of our limits are self-imposed and driven by fear. By recognizing our fear-driven thoughts, we can learn to discard harmful patterns and keep taking calculated risks. Developing a tolerance for risk allows us to embrace discomfort and move in the direction of growth.


Relaxed fit shirt that merges rugged aesthetics with technical upgrades. Constructed from our Tech Essential™ fabric, an advanced cotton blend with SilverPlus® threads that add stretch and anti-odor functionality. The shirt is stone-washed for a soft, worn-in feeling, with subtle distressing to create a vintage look.

Model is 6'1 185lbs wearing a size L. 

Designed For
TRAINING | Durable training apparel with advanced fabric technologies.
Fabric + Technology
70% Cotton, 30% SilverPlus™ Polyester
Tech Essential™ is our signature fabric that merges vintage quality with technical performance upgrades. It is constructed from a blend of cotton and SilverPlus® polyester, so it is naturally soft and breathable, but also sweat-wicking and anti-odor.