In a world filled with noise and distractions, “Escape the Noise” will be a recurring series centered around subjects that embody the ASRV lifestyle, featuring conversations about how they escape the noise in their daily lives through mental and physical regimens.

It is a celebration of those who find solace in pushing their limits, who seek flow in the midst of chaos, and who discover themselves in solitude. It's a reminder that amidst the clamor, we can be present, find purpose, and embrace our individual paths.

"I just try to center myself and remember whose expectations really matter… and that’s my own.”

Episode 01 of the series features Kalyl Silva. Kalyl is an athlete, fighter, artist, and creative. Born into a life of pressure and expectations, he has had to develop practices to discover his own passions and stay on his individual path. He finds himself in solitude, in nature, and in training.

These practices help him overcome self-doubt, nurturing a profound love for learning new techniques and discovering the deep fulfillment that arises from facing new challenges daily. For Kalyl, training is more than mere discipline; it's a daily opportunity to reconnect with his deepest self.


Escaping the noise can be interpreted in a broad sense. It’s being present, it’s flow, it’s solitude, it’s pushing your body, it’s self-discovery. It’s being in touch with your purpose and not being swayed by outside noise.

"Reach higher, dive deeper."

"A search for the profound in the midst of chaos."

“Quiet the world, amplify your spirit.”

“In solitude we find purpose.”