From Space Suits to Activewear

A revolutionary technology

The surface of the moon can reach a temperature of 260 degrees Fahrenheit when hit by sun and it can dip down to minus 280 F at night, meaning on a single moonwalk an astronaut can experience temperature fluctuations that exceed 500 degrees.

In the 1980s, NASA began developing technology for use in space suits and gloves to help astronauts deal with these extreme conditions.

Through years of research, they successfully harnessed the power of thermally adaptive phase-change materials and created a technology called Outlast®, which is able to absorb, store, and release heat as needed to maintain a perfectly balanced microclimate.

If you get too warm, Outlast® will absorb that excess heat, then as you cool down it will release that heat back to you, creating an optimal comfort zone through a wide range of activities. In laboratory tests, it is shown to decrease sweat production by up to 48%, resulting in a dramatic improvement in comfort.  

To this day it is still the world’s only textile to receive the Certified Space Technology™ quality label in connection with proactive heat management.

Applied to activewear

The issue of temperature regulation may be most prominent for athletes, but it also has an effect on our ability to achieve optimal mental clarity and focus in everyday scenarios. With the high-performance lifestyle of modern athletes and entrepreneurs, we need apparel that can adapt to our entire day.

With our latest collection, we have applied this revolutionary technology to the first ever fitness apparel made with Outlast®. Using a Matrix Infusion Coating, we printed a wafer-thin layer of micro-encapsulated wax onto the inside of a 4-way stretch fabric, which we then constructed into a range of form-fitting base layers.

The more skin contact it has, the more effective this technology will be, so it is ideal for next-to-skin products. And as base layers, they are designed to be worn alone or as part of a layering system.

innovation through design

One of the most incredible things about humans is our ability to adapt. We get used to things being the way they are, really quickly.

But for designers, we see this comfort with the way things are as an opportunity for innovation. We look at everyday things and we ask, “Could this be better? And if so, how do we make that happen?”  

The ASRV x Outlast® collection is the first of its kind, bringing NASA-developed technology from space suits to athletes, and representing a true step forward in the evolution of high-performance apparel.


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