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The Modular Everyday Pack is a slim backpack optimized for the unpredictability of the active urban lifestyle. It is constructed entirely from Cordura® waterproof technology, an extra-rugged nylon with military-grade filament fibers. This product also functions as the base for a modular buildout with universal MOLLE webbing on the front and sides. Two attachments are included: a padded sunglasses case and a multifunctional expandable pouch for external storage. The pack also features a padded laptop slot, a divided bottom compartment with drain port, two cinch straps secured with COBRA® buckles, a D-Ring carabiner clip, and a durable rubber handle.

Dimensions: 13” wide x 18” tall x 4” deep

Our Latest Piece of Everyday Equipment

The DSG. 0275 is a slim backpack with functional features optimized for the unpredictability of the active urban lifestyle. The entire pack, including its accessories, is constructed from military-grade Cordura® waterproof nylon. This results in an extra-rugged product that can perform in all weather conditions.

Designed for Modular Buildout

The secondary purpose of this pack is to function as the base for a modular buildout that will be different for each user depending on their needs. The modularity is accomplished with universal MOLLE webbing on the front and sides of the pack. MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is a modularity system used primarily by the military that allows the user to attach any MOLLE-compatible accessories to their pack for quick adaptability depending on the specific needs of that day. This pack was designed with the intention that each user will have a unique final product based on the attachments they choose to include in their buildout. Two attachments are already included in the purchase of this product.

Multifunctional Expandable Pouch

The first attachment that comes with this pack is a multifunctional expandable pouch that’s designed to hold dirty clothes after a workout, dirty cleats after practice, sandy slides after the beach, or anything the user wants to keep separate from the rest of their stuff in the main pocket. The pouch collapses easily into a super-compact unit with a MOLLE-compatible strap on the back that can be attached anywhere on the pack.

Padded Sunglasses Case

The second attachment is a waterproof padded sunglasses case with our reflective multi-line text logo on the side. It can be attached anywhere on the pack via the MOLLE strap system.

Divided Bottom Compartment with Drain Port

The bottom compartment is intentionally separated from the main pack and it has a drainage port to store wet items like a bathing suit. It has a quick-access zipper from the outside of the pack, or it can be accessed at the bottom of the main pocket.

COBRA® Buckle Cinch Straps

The bottom compartment also features two cinch straps that can be used to hold a towel or extra clothing externally. The straps are secured with COBRA® quick-release buckles, which exceed Mil-Spec durability guidelines and are the strongest load-bearing buckles on the market.