0629. ASRV x Outlast® Phase Change Headband - Ivory Cream

$15 USD $22 USD



The world’s first activewear built with NASA’s temperature regulating technology. Outlast® is a Certified Space Technology™ that creates an optimal comfort zone based on your unique microclimate. If you get too warm, Outlast® will absorb the excess heat, then as you cool down it will release that heat back to you. 4-way stretch fabric maximizes skin contact to get the most out of this technology while allowing total freedom of movement.

Designed For

PRO | Specialized gear for high-intensity training and running.

Fabric + Technology

91% Polyester 9% Spandex with Silicone PCM capsules coating.

The world’s first fitness focused apparel made with Outlast®, a Certified Space Technology™ phase change material originally developed for NASA. Outlast® utilizes Thermocules to continually absorb, store, and release heat, providing a perfectly balanced microclimate.

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