0313. TETRA® 5” Liner Short - Woodland Brushed Camo

$128 USD

Conditioning shorts with a built-in liner. Constructed from TETRA® performance technology [ Waterproof. 4-Way Stretch. Sweat-Wicking. Antibacterial. ] Featuring a liner phone pocket for out-of-the-way storage while training, a utility loop for a shirt or towel, a back zipper pocket, and reflective details for high-visibility at night.


  • TETRA® [ Waterproof. 4-Way Stretch. Sweat-Wicking. Antibacterial ]
  • Liner phone pocket
  • Back zipper pocket
  • Utility loop for shirt or towel
  • Reflective details


TETRA® is a two-layer system, where the outer layer is a waterproof nylon with 4-way stretch and the inner layer is an antibacterial mesh with sweat-wicking and 4-way stretch. This results in a highly functional fabric with four capabilities that are rarely found in combination: Waterproof, 4-Way Stretch, Antibacterial, and Sweat-Wicking.

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