0440. TETRA-LITE™ Quarter Zip Jacket - Cinder

$128 USD
0440. TETRA-LITE™ Quarter Zip Jacket - Black0440. TETRA-LITE™ Quarter Zip Jacket - Bone White0440. TETRA-LITE™ Quarter Zip Jacket - Cinder0440. TETRA-LITE™ Quarter Zip Jacket - Red Earth0440. TETRA-LITE™ Quarter Zip Jacket - Etherea


Quarter Zip Jacket constructed from our new TETRA-LITE® material, which is water-resistant yet incredibly lightweight to provide light rain coverage without excessive warmth. Designed with a boxy cropped torso and an adjustable cinch hem so it can be easily thrown over any outfit. Complete with our signature Back Hex Yoke for added structure across the top of the back.

Model is 5’11 170lbs and usually wears size M. This product is designed with a relaxed fit so it can layer over hoodies, so he is wearing size M.


TRAINING // Functional gear for training days, in and out of the gym


76% Nylon 24% Spandex

TETRA-LITE® is an all-new iteration of our most advanced range ever, now engineered to be lighter, faster, and more breathable. Following the success of our original TETRA® line, we began developing a new woven material that would carry the signature versatility of the TETRA® range but with characteristics specific to Spring and Summer climates. Tested and perfected, the final product is extremely lightweight, soft, breathable, 4-way stretch, and water-resistant.

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